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Real-Time Virtual Surgery Training

Watch top surgeons perform real-time surgical training events streamed live in virtual reality.

Medoptic™ Virtual Surgery Platform

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Clinical-Grade 3D VR Communication

Medoptic by Immertec is a live surgical training platform that allows physicians to observe, communicate and collaborate remotely in 3D virtual reality.

Medoptic™ Virtual Surgery Platform

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Medoptic Virtual Surgery Platform

Surgical Instructors

Medoptic has formed partnerships with top-tier surgeons throughout the US to provide real-time virtual surgical training events across a range of treatment areas.

Virtual Surgery On Demand

Register for live, virtual events, receive a VR headset and virtually scrub into a fully immersive, 3D virtual environment complete with audio conferencing and medical imaging feeds.
Medoptic Virtual Surgery On Demand

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Save Time and the Planet

A one-way flight from NYC to LAX generates 1.25 metric tons of CO2 per passenger. By eliminating travel for in-person training, Medoptic is projected to save thousands of tons of carbon emissions each year.
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Hotel nights preventedHotel nights prevented: 0
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